2004 Black and white tobiano Paint Curly Filly
rides either bareback or saddle, does several tricks
Have you seen Patticake's first baby? If not, look for Montage on this website. Patticake is not only tame--she's trained. Lays down on command, comes when called, stands on pedestal, started riding. Patticake is already suitable for anyone who appreciates a tame/broke filly. She learned to lay down with a rider on the first attempt and each time she's worked with, the wonder of her dispostion baffles me. She's been trail ridden, loves it, and separates from the herd willingly. If you need the best, discard the rest and get a real real really Curly filly, who could become the backbone of a breeding program, give the kids rides and be eye candy in the back yard. Her 2007 filly, Montage, can be purchased with Patticake in a 3 in 1 package...Patticake is being rebred to Medieval Charger, Paint Warmblood, who stands 17 HH.
Tamest young horse I've ever trained
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