Abandoned: Now Stutter My Orphan

ABANDONED traces the lifelong struggle of an orphan who stutters. Frank, a gifted child with an unmentionable pedigree, remains distantly observed by his mother. Tribulation at the hands of a vindictive orphanage matron perpetuates his stuttering. He searches for a "cure" and discovers a study completed in 1939 that seems to hold the answer. He interviews the author of The Monster Study, Mary Tudor. Her "semanitcs"experiment in which normal children were labeled "stutterers" became the foundation fora timeless theory of stuttering. Completeed in the same era as Hitler's human atrocities, the results of Mary's study were supperessed. ABANDONED reveals the design and outcomes of The Monster Study. The fictional character "Frank" is based, in part , on the life of Dr. Franklin Silverman-a lifelong stutterer and the first person to pucblicly reveal the unspoken truth.

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