Regression Therapy for Stuttering
Jerry explains how regression therapy for stuttering is changing the face of speech pathology.
Progression-Regression Theory of Stuttering
In this booklet, Jerry Halvorson challenges the traditional definition of stuttering and proposes an alternative to fluency training in misdiagnosed cases of stuttering.
The Girl Who Meowed Like a Cat
Jerry Halvorson's amazing account of how a girl with selective mutism's language was limited to "Meowing Like a Cat".
Does Johnny Stutter?
Jerry Halvorson provides insight into how parents can have a positive effect on their child's fluency.
The Struggle
Moving from farm to farm, Jerry shares his personal memoirs of growing up the son of struggling midwestern farmers.
Frozen Moment
Frozen Moment: The discovery of a Personal Psychological Phenomenon...Recall your own Frozen Moment as you read about Iron Tit, the hardest milking cow in Crow Wing County.
Abandoned: Now Stutter My Orphan
ABANDONED traces the lifelong struggle of an orphan who stutters. Frank, a gifted child with an unmentionable pedigree, remains distantly observed by his mother.
Dakota Memory
DAKOTA MEMORY, a story of horse adventure and enduring love, features the ROCKING J and its youthful owner, Jack Steele.