Greetings from Jerry Halvorson...

Jerry, the owner of Halvorson Farms, has no horse allergy, just an addiction to Curly horses. 

Is a Curly right for me?

Of course, a person known to have a horse allergy, must have adequate guidance before handling a Curly horse. And "tame" does not mean "trained." Though most are approach oriented, Curlies still need proper ground work and riding to fulfill their full potential. If you are allerigic to horses, before embarking on a Curly venture, obtain hair samples to determine the intensity of your horse allergy. Curly horses often fill the bill for allergic horse lovers. A Curly might put you "back in the saddle again."

More about Halvorson Farms

Jerry and his Curly horses are located in the plunging Trimbelle River Valley. Shielded from the hubbub of traffic jams, only 45 minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. Stop by to see Curly horses. Watch the Wild Horse Stampede, test your horse allergy and when you've finished, take a few of those Curly horses to your pasture. Then, you too can enjoy the freedom feeling of owning a horse who keeps horse allergic reactions to a minimum.You can also see Halvorson Farms Curlies on such sites as  The Curly Horse Pedigree Database and Curly Horse Country and All Breed Pedigree.

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